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How to apply for a design correctly.

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Multiple Design Application

Up to 50 designs can be blanketed into one multiple design application. This enables you for instance to apply for legal protection of several variants of one design.

A precondition for such applications is that the designs belong to one and the same class of goods. The subclasses may however be different. Applying separately for each such design is less advantageous than applying by means of a multiple design application.

In cases of multiple design applications please fill in the multiple application form MU 1s. Additionally, a supplementary sheet (form MUsBB) as well as illustrations or design specimen must be submitted for each of the individual designs. The supplementary sheets are to be numbered consecutively. Designer and priorities may be different for the individual designs. Up to 10 illustrations may be submitted per supplementary sheet.

Secret Design Application

The prospect of submitting a secret design application enables you to keep your design undisclosed for as long as possible. Please use form MU 1e or MU 1s and be sure to tick the indication “Secret Design Application”. Design illustrations, design specimen and the description shall be submitted in a sealed envelope. 18 months subsequent to the application (or subsequent to the priority of the design) this sealed envelope will be opened by the Austrian Patent Office. Only after opening of the envelope has taken place will the design be published and registered. Thus, secret design applications entail a belated beginning of legal protection. Please bear in mind that a secret design application involves a 50% surcharge on top of the regular application fee.

This is how you can apply:

  • Submittal at the Austrian Patent Office’s entry point
  • Posting the application via the Austrian Patent Office’s entry box
  • By mail
  • Per telefax: +43 (0)1 534 24 535

Applications by means of E-mail are not permissible.

Designs cannot be comprehensively protected. Rather, the application must specify which products your design will be used for. For this please use the Locarno Classification (comprising 32 main classes of goods and 223 subclasses) and the alphabetical list of goods.

Single Application

Only one design may be applied for by means of a single design application and the illustration(s) shall not reflect different variants of one subject-matter.


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