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When you register your design, you pay a fee. The protection is then in force for five years and can be extended up to 25 years.

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On average, the costs for a single design application including registration and publication start at € 127,50 , those for a multiple design application with up to 10 designs starting at € 577. A secret design application entails a surcharge amounting to 50%. Please do not make any payments when applying. Within two weeks following your application you receive a payment slip that includes your reference number and a specification of the purpose of payment.

The maintenance of your design for a maximum of 25 years requires the payment of a renewal fee every 5 years. This amounts to € 130 in the case of single designs and € 88,- per individual designs where multiple designs are concerned. Due dates of renewal fees can be queried online. For this you need your register or reference number (e.g. 62049 or 12/2009).


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