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How to file an application

Filing of the application at the customer service center (during opening hours). Posting in the designated collection box (outside of opening hours). By post. By fax +43 1 534 24 535

Applications are not permitted to be filed by email!

Who can file an application? Is a representative required?

Anyone may file an application, regardless of whether they are a natural or legal entity (company).

Tip: You may choose to be represented by a (professional) representative at any time during the procedure, although it is preferable for the representative to assist you from the outset.

Permanent address/registered officeIs a representative required?
AustriaNo (You are, however, entitled to have a representative. If the representative you choose is not a professional representative such as a patent law firm, law firm or notary’s office, you must present a written power of attorney.)
EEA/SwitzerlandNo (an authorised recipient in Austria is sufficient)
Outside the EEA/SwitzerlandYes (patent law firm, law firm or notary’s office)

In general, a representative is not required for provisional patent applications (PRIO) or any of the services.


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