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Patent Scan

Are you a student, just starting your final project (your master’s or diploma project or dissertation)? “Pimp your project” with information from over 100 million (!) patent documents, and create something unique.

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Patent Scan for students

What can the Patent Scan do for me?

  • It provides an overview of inventions in your technical field
  • It provides an introduction to “the language of patents”

Who can get a Patent Scan?

  • Students who
  • work on their final project with technical focus
  • and who can present confirmation of this from their institution

How does the process work?

For the Patent Scan, our experts require a brief description of the technical statement of task or special aspects thereof. Remember: the more specific you can be in defining and formulating your field of technology, the more relevant the patent documents we can select for you. After a worldwide search of the patent literature, you will get written feedback – perhaps you are already heading for a new patent! You also get a comprehensive overview of the patent literature and at the same time you are starting to learn the “language of patents”.

Please note:

The Patent Scan only works if you provide a technical statement of task; we cannot carry out searches for you on generally non patentable items (e.g. software) or economic aspects (e.g. business methods). 


This service costs you precisely nothing!


In about 3 months you will have your Patent Scan and you can use it to "pimp" your final project!

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