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Patent Scan for students

Bring us your thesis. We'll tell you if there's a patent in it.

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There is always something new in final theses and dissertations. Most of the time, it's scientific findings. In some cases, however, something else is added. This is when the new findings are implemented in a technical solution that the world has never seen before. We find this particularly interesting because we can grant a patent for it. And who knows, maybe such a patent will also be the starting signal for a corporate career. 

The Austrian Patent Office supports students in recognizing the patents in their theses. With the Patent Scan, students receive a worldwide search from around 100 million patent documents. They receive the result of the search within three months and it is tailored to the technical subject area. In a personal discussion with the experts of the patent office, they then get clarity about whether there is a new technical solution in the thesis that can become a patent.

What does the patent scan for me?

  • Kick-off for your own patent, which may already be part o your final thesis. 
  • Overview of inventions in your technical field.

Who can get the patent scan?

  • Students at universities and universities of applied sciences whose
  • thesis is in a technical field and who
  • can present a confirmation from their institute.

How does it work?

For the patent scan, our experts need a brief description of the technical solution to a problem. Keep in mind: The more concretely the solution is specified or formulated, the more relevant patent documents can be selected. After a worldwide search of the patent literature, you will receive written feedback. This gives students a comprehensive overview of the patent literature. At the same time, you will also get to know the "patent language".

Please note!

The Patent Scan only works for an existing technical solution to a problem; searches on generally non-patentable things (e.g. software as such) or economic aspects (e.g. business methods) cannot be performed by the Patent Office.


This service costs exactly nothing!

Delivery time

The Patent Scan is submitted by the experts of the Patent Office within three months.

Since this is a private law service, our General Terms and Conditions apply according to

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