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Patent Voucher

If you don't have enough funds to patent your invention then a promotion via the FFG is right for you.

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Patent Voucher

In the main the success of a technological startup is dependent on two factors: the creativeness of its invention and the marketing of the same. The Patent Voucher is a support of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and provides simple access to protection of your invention. www.ffg.at/patentscheck shows you step-by-step how to obtain this voucher. The voucher covers 80% of a patent application’s accruing costs. Additionally, you receive the assistance of a team of experts. This saves both time and money and enables you to gain confidence in dealing with your intellectual property. The team of experts provides concrete answers to such questions as: is patent protection principally feasible in my case or what protection rights already exist in a particular technological field? In short, the Patent Voucher supplies the necessary tools for entering the national and international markets. 

A General View of the Advantages

  • By means of a few clicks you can apply for a Patent Voucher
  • A team of experts’ support. The skills of the FFG, Austrian Patent Office and patent agents
    are at your service
  • Whether your invention is principally patentable is determined within a very short while
  • A customized patent search in cooperation with an expert in your technical field
  • Support right up to the procedural stages of national and international patent application
  • 80% of the costs are absorbed by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and
    Technology in cooperation with FTE Nationalstiftung. The maximum subsidy is 10.000 EUR.

This is how it works

Procedure in Detail

  1. www.ffg.at/patentscheck makes available the Patent Voucher through the online form
  2. The Patent Voucher will be made out to you within a few weeks. You will receive app. 1.400 EUR
  3. The report you to apply online at the Austrian Patent Office for a customized search
  4. This is followed by an informational call from the patent experts issuing your search report. Thereport results are presented in a second, subsequent call
  5. You now know whether a patent application makes sense or not. If not, you can devise other protective strategies with the experts in charge
  6. National patent application. The patent expert assists you right up to the actual application procedure. The costs for this can be settled by means of the Patent Voucher
  7. Internationalization. Expert support is provided for the international PCT application. The costs may likewise be settled by means of the Patent Voucher


  • You must either be an Austrian technological startup, a small or medium-sized enterprise or an individual that can credibly demonstrate a concrete intention to commercially utilize the undertaking (e.g. company being established, under care of diverse support initiatives, AplusB-Centers) In any case, the commercial aspects and activities must predominate.
  • Regarding small to medium-sized enterprises: these must have a staff of less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of no more than 50 million EUR resp. the sum of the annual budget must not exceed 43 million EUR.

Please note!

  • The maximum subsidy is 10.000 EUR (support share: 80%); 20%, a maximum of 2.500 EUR, is your share.
  • The Patent Voucher is meant to forward patents only! Other protection rights, utility model, trademark or design protection is not covered by the Patent Voucher.

For further information/queries

Should you have more questions please contact the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) or the Austrian Patent Office’s Customer Service.

Customer Service Austrian Patent Office: + 43 (0) 1 534 24-76, infonoSpam(at)patentamt.at

Contact FFG: + 43 (0) 5 7755-5000, patentschecknoSpam(at)ffg.at

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