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When you register your brand, you pay a fee. The protection is then ten years erect and can be lengthened indefinitely.

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Austrian Trademark

Official fees for a national trademark registration are EUR 280 this includes three goods and/or services classes (Nice Classification). Each additional class costs EUR 75. To prolong trademark protection a renewal fee must be paid. Trademark protection does not involve annual fees.

There is no special request for payment of fees where online applications are concerned as the system’s dispatching process automatically generates a statement of costs as part of the application forms. This statement is to be considered the request for payment of fees.

Electronic payment of fees is an integral part of the application procedure when submitting a Fast Track application.

Should you have applied for a trademark in the conventional manner you will receive a request for payment of fees within 2 weeks of submittal. This request includes notifications of your reference number and purpose of payment. Payments of fees may only be made after receipt of this request.

International Trademark

Applications for international registration involve both a fee to be paid to the Austrian Patent Office and one to the WIPO. The domestic fee of the Austrian Patent Office amounts to EUR 141.

In order to speed up the process be sure to pay these fees as soon as possible.

When paying the domestic fee please specify the reference number of the Austrian basic application or basic trademark (AM…/…) as well as the purpose of payment (“domestic fee”).

The international fees consist of a basic fee amounting to CHF 653 (or CHF 903 should the illustration of the trademark be in color) and possibly an additional fee (CHF 100) for each product or service class in addition to the 3rd class and a surcharge (CHF 100) or individual fee for each designated contracting party. Please see overview of fees for a specification of amounts of fees to be paid to the WIPO directly. In order to determine accruing costs the fee calculator may also be consulted.

Europian Union Trademark

The registration of an EU trademark with EUIPO entails the following costs:

Application fees when E-filing:

EUR 850 for one class

EUR 50 additionally for the 2nd class

EUR 150 additionally for the 3rd class

EUR 150 additionally for the 4th and for each added class

Application fees when applying conventionally:

EUR 1000 for one class

Beginning with the 2nd class as in the case of E-filing above

Fee details EU Trademark

Using the fee calculator for EU trademark applications enables you to determine the due fee costs yourself.


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