Basics: Patents, Trademarks & Designs in a Nutshell

In this seminar we briefly present the three main protection rights for intellectual property that can be registered at a patent office (not just the Austrian Patent Office, but of course also here): Patents, Trade Marks and Design protection.



Illustrated by an example from every-day life, it will be explained what the three protection rights are: a patent can be granted for a technical invention and protect from imitation, trademarks are there to distinguish goods or services from the competitor, and designs protect the optics of a product, that is the shape, color and surface of it.

In a short overview of 1 hour you will understand

  • What is the difference between the three protection rights and why there are three,
  • Which of the three is suitable for your intellectual property
  • Where and how you can apply for them
  • Which possibilities for national and international protection there are, and
  • How much it all costs.

You will also get hints where to find more information for a deeper understanding.

This seminar will be held in understandable English, with as few technical terms as possible, so also non-natives and newcomers can follow. Questions will be welcome!

For more details click HERE.

Note: The registration deadline for the free webinar is one day before the start of the course.





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