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Do you have intellectual property in your company? We would like to draw your attention! What kind of protection would be appropriate? We inform you!

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If you do not know or are not sure whether your company has intellectual property, we can help you find out. We will inform you of how you can protect this intellectual property.

This service is free of charge for companies with up to 249 employees.

You can also find more detailed information at www.discover.at. 


In conjunction with Austria Wirtschaftservice (aws), the Austrian Patent Office (ÖPA) has been offering discover.IP since 2008. discover.IP is an information service that supports technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in analyzing the potential of their intellectual property. This makes it possible to determine the opportunities and risks associated with the different ways of protecting the existing know-how and intellectual property (IP) of a company's developments or inventions.

discover.IP highlights a wide range of options for Austrian companies that want to make systematic and targeted use of their intellectual property. The aim of this project is to raise the IP-related awareness of the participating company and to draw up practical options that are tailored to the company’s strategy, products and services. Through discover.IP, we look forward to showing your company a bundle of measures for improved protection of your innovations

Procedure / Process

discover.IP includes an initial interview lasting 2-3 hours, which is concluded with a report or summary. During the initial meeting, suggestions for the optimaluse of IP in the company are given, and the sensible combination of protection rights that it would make sense is explained.

The pros and cons of the different protection rights (patents, utility models, trademark protection, design protection) and alternative forms of protection (secrecy, documentation, copyright, etc.) are explained. In addition to company-specific recommendations, the report also contains practical tips about industrial property rights and alternative protection mechanisms.


You can submit your application via the website www.discoverip.at.

As this is a service under private law, our general terms and conditions apply according to www.patentamt.at/AGB

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