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Devising your logo involved a great deal of creativity and was quite a financial effort to boot. Now you should check whether it collides with older trademark rights or is being infringed upon by others. We will competently and comprehensively search these matters for you!

What we do is search for identical or confusingly similar older trademarks. We review:

-         Austrian trademarks applied for and registered

-         Registered international trademarks (WIPO) protected in Austria or the EU as well as

-         EU trademarks (EUIPO) applied for and registered

-         Identical trade names in the pertinent database of the Republic of Austria

You are entitled to choose resp. narrow down the time range you would like us to examine, e.g. all relevant applications or registrations from…to…

A summary of the advantages

-         Search in databanks for trademarks relevant to Austria

-         Due consideration of different spellings

-         Examination of similarly sounding trademarks

-         A clearly arranged report within the shortest possible space of time

What do you receive from us?

You receive a search report in electronic format (PDF-document) comprising all identical and similar trademarks we were able to determine. In addition to the full wording and image of the search results, the report comprises information about the corresponding classes of goods and services, the type of trademark, the registration and application number (incl. links to the resp. registers) as well as name and address of the proprietor. A commercial register search is added.

What do we need from you for the search?

Our experts must be provided with the following specifications regarding your trademark:

-         The trademark’s wording

-         The trademark’s image as .jpg

-         Good and service class

How long does it take to receive the result?

We will do our utmost to ensure that you receive the result per E-mail within 24 hours. Please bear in mind however that we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.


The cost of a 24 hour Trademark Similarity Search for 5 classes is 105 EUR. Each additional quota of up to 10 classes entails a surcharge of 25 EUR. Payments can be made conveniently when ordering via credit card or telebanking. There is no value added tax.

As this is a service governed by private law our terms and conditions of conducting business according to www.patentamt.at/AGB obtain.

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