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Fast Track Trademark

The fast trademark application for a word mark, figurative mark or a figurative mark containing word elements.

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Fastest Means to Obtain a Trademark

A trademark makes it possible to distinguish the goods or services of one company from those of other companies and is represented on the register in a manner which enables the competent authorities and the public to determine the clear and precise subject matter of the protection afforded to its proprietor.

The quickest way to register your trademark is by means of a Fast track application - and speed is of the utmost importance where newly founded companies and startups are concerned.

A General View of the Fast Track Special Offer Package

  • Time saving - are all requisite documents at hand? In this case, we register your trademark
    within two weeks.
  • A neatly arranged array of products and services for trademarks in the databank harmonized
    throughout Europe.

In order to provide services thus quickly we require your help:

  • Prior to applying for your trademark we emphatically recommend you conduct a search to
    determine whether identical or confusingly similar registered trademarks already exist. Service portals – see.ip for national, TMView for international trademarks – make such a search – free of
    charge! – easy to carry out. Fast Track will very likely lead to success when your trademark
    is different from already registered trademarks.
  • Specify which products you intend to use with your trademark. A simple choice out of the
    list of goods and services which comprises more than 70.000 terms facilitates the classification
    of your trademark by means of the databank harmonized throughout Europe.
  • Fast Track enables you to apply for word marks, figurative marks or combined (word/figurative) marks. Trademarks of a special nature such as sound, color, hologram or collective and certification trademarks, however, can only be applied for by means of a standard procedure.
  • Easy payment of proceeding fees via credit card or telebanking.
  • Be aware, that no similartity search is conducted.


Application with up to 3 goods and/or service classes and 10 years’ protection: EUR 280.00.-. Your trademark can exist interminably! Provided renewal fees are duly paid protection for 10 years can be prolonged an unlimited number of times. Please confer the online service portal see.ip for due dates and fees.

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