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Standard Online Application

Apply for a trademark online.

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The standard online application is open to all types of trade marks:

  • All types of trade marks (individual, association and warranty) and all types of trade marks (word, word picture, picture, form, colour, sound, hologram, position, design, movement and multimedia trade marks)
  • As with the Fast Track application, the list of goods and services is automatically compared with a database of over 70,000 terms accepted by the Office (Harmonised Classification). However, independent formulations or terms not found in the database can also be included in the application and checked. Separate the terms by semicolons (";").
  • Before applying for trademark registration, check wheter your trademark does not infringe on earlier rights: You can do this yourself or have a professional search done by our experts.
  • The payment of fees is also possible outside the online registration. Please state your application number with each payment. This is the only way we can assign payments correctly.

Registrations via this online registration form require an increased and therefore time-consuming examination effort: The average processing time is 2-3 months.

Submissions or further entries can be sent online or by post.

When you register, you will receive information about the fees incurred (see statement of costs) and an officially signed acknowledgement of receipt with the registration number. Save or print these documents before closing the application.

Please note that the acknowledgement of receipt is not the same as the filing date. The date of filing is determined by the date of complete receipt by the Office of the application documents transmitted by electronic means, if they satisfy the relevant legal requirements.

Technical system requirements

The officially supported Internet browsers are:

  • Firefox (Version 21 or higher)
  • Chrome (Verion 20 or higher)

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