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Do you have intellectual property in your company? We would like to draw your attention! What kind of protection would be appropriate? We inform you!

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If you do not know or are uncertain whether there is intellectual property at your enterprise, we can help you find out. We will inform you of how you can protect such intellectual property.

This service is free of charge for enterprises with up to 49 employees.


In conjunction with Austria Wirtschaftservice (aws), the Austrian Patent Office (ÖPA) has offered discover.IP since 2008. discover.IP is an information service that helps technology-focused small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) analyse the potential of their intellectual property. It enables identification of the opportunities and risks of the various ways of protecting the enterprise’s existing know-how and the intellectual property (IP) of its developments and inventions.

discover.IP highlights a wide range of options for Austrian enterprises that want to make systematic and targeted use of their intellectual property. The aim of the project is to raise the IP-related awareness of the enterprise concerned and to draw up practical options that are tailored to the enterprise’s strategy, products and services. Through discover.IP, we look forward to showing your enterprise a set of measures for improved protection of your innovations

What the process involves

discover.IP comprises an initial discussion lasting two to three hours, concluded by a report or summary. During the initial discussion, ideas are put forward about optimal use of your enterprise’s IP and the combination of protection rights that it would make sense to use.

The pros and cons of the various protection rights (patents, utility models, trademark protection, design protection) and alternative forms of protection (secrecy, documentation, copyright, etc.) are explained. In addition to recommendations that are specific to your enterprise, the report contains practical advice about commercial protection rights and alternative protection mechanisms.

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