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Search and Written Opinion according to Section 57A Patent Law

Do you need a search or a search and written opinion for an invention, process, subject-matter etc.?

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Search Report / Written Opinion regarding the State of the Art

Are you on the trail of an invention? You need a prior art search on your specifically described technical problem.

You can also request a written opinion for your search. A written opinion is a detailed expert statement on the patentability of a technical invention. If you want a written opinion, you also need claims.

What do you need to bring?

  • a concrete description of the technical problem
  • should an Examination report be applied for, claims arising from your solution of the technical problem must be drafted
  • if possible, a technical drawing


On average, it takes approximately 6 weeks from receipt of payment to finalize a Search Report. Processing time for a Search Report with a Written Opinion is approximately 4 months from receipt of payment.

The result is a Search Report that provides you with an overview of the state of the art. The Search Report is thus a list of the relevant patent literature.

The Search Report can be based on a day up to one year in the past.

You can also attach your own prior art to your application if you wish.

Example Search Report

You are not quite sure whether a Search Report is really suitable in this particular case? As an example of how to deal with this issue please confer our WIKI.

Look at an Example


The claim or several claims constitute the core element of patent and utility model applications. In the claim(s) you define, in technical terms, clearly and distinctively, what your invention is and for what in particular you seek legal protection. The correct formulation of claim(s) is of paramount importance as this determines what is actually protected by a patent or utility model.

How to correctly formulate claims is described – step by step – here.


Online application for a Search Report: EUR 238.00, for a Search Report and Written Opinion: EUR 343.00.

You will find a detailed schedule of fees in our fee sheet.

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