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Brands can live forever. However, you must extend the protection every ten years.

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Austrian Trademark

When a trademark is registered, it is protected for ten years starting on the date it is entered in the trademark register. The protection can be renewed every ten years indefinitely.

Trademark owners who reside in Austria will be notified through an official service that their trademark’s protection is about to expire. Of course, it is not necessary to wait until this notification is received. Failure to receive the notification cannot be used as grounds for any claims.

A trademark’s protection can be renewed easily by paying the renewal fee on time (no application required). The fee can be paid up to one year before the protection ends, and for six months after it ends (extended period). If the payment is made during the extended period, the fee will be 20% higher. You can find out the amount and due date of the renewal fee online.

International Trademark

When an international trademark is registered, it is protected for ten years; the protection period can be renewed every ten years indefinitely by paying the renewal fees. Six months before each ten-year protection period ends, WIPO will remind the international trademark owner that the protection period is about to expire. Failure to receive this notification will not be accepted as a reason for missing a payment deadline. It is not necessary to apply for renewal. For the exact amount payable directly to WIPO, please refer to WIPO’s Schedule of Fees.

European Union Trademark

A registered European Union Trademark applies for ten years from the date on which the application is filed. It can be renewed every ten years indefinitely. Further information on renewing European Union Trademarks and the renewal fees.

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