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Patent Fast Track – the solution when speed is of the essence. Only available to holders of the European Patent Office smart card.

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Are you looking to expand fast internationally or do you need the search result earlier for other reasons? If so, you can request that your online patent application be expedited as part of our Patent Fast Track pilot project. We strive to deliver a search result within four months for fast-tracked online patent applications at no additional cost.


  • Patent Fast Track is an option within the scope of standard online patent applications. It requires a European Patent Office smart card package (including software) for online applications and registration with the Austrian Patent Office. more about these conditions
  • The submission must be formally correct, i.e. a description AND patent claims (with drawings, where applicable) must be available.
  • The description of the state of the art should be backed up by bibliographical references.
  • Select the Patent Fast Track option and explain why you would like your application to be fast-tracked. The reasons must be uploaded as a PDF document. You can use our template for that purpose.
  • Payment of the application fee.

Important Information

  • The Patent Fast Track pilot project is limited to online patent applications.
  • Please tell us why you need your application to be fast-tracked. Attach your reasons as a separate PDF file under ‘Documents’ when making your online application, otherwise your application will be treated as a standard patent application.
  • We will seek to get your search result to you within four months. There is no legal entitlement to Patent Fast Track or to faster processing of your application!
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