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The success of your business is built on innovations. Innovations are the basis and the driving force of every economic system.
Granting intellectual property rights to your innovations is the task of the Austrian Patent Office, the central authority for industrial property law in Austria. Successful concepts and technical developments ‘invite’ imitations. Temporary intellectual property rights with a monopoly nature help with this. The Austrian Patent Office effectively provides you with security and, as the national competence centre, safeguards your legitimate interests. Patents, protection certificates and utility models protect your inventions, while registrations protect your trademarks and designs.

Your competence centre

Such a concentrated amount of expertise relating to industrial property law cannot be found anywhere else in Austria. In the Patent Office, over 200 experts are responsible for protecting the inventions, designs and trademarks of Austrian businesses. They examine each individual case in compliance with the strictest quality criteria and provide your products with the best possible protection.

As a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) authority, the Austrian Patent Office is one of the best centres for the protection of intellectual property in the world, and has been since 1979. In our role as an International Searching and Examining Authority, we create over 1000 international search reports each year.

Management: Mag. Mariana Karepova

Mag. Mariana Karepova, born in Moscow in 1969.

After studying Slavic studies and literature in Moscow, Ms Karepova completed a degree in Economics at the University of Vienna and multiple postgraduate courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the London School of Economics and Political Science, among others.

After working in the economic sector of the Federal Chamber of Labour, Ms Karepova spent a few years at European institutions in Brussels, including in the negotiating team of the European Commission in the eastward enlargement of the EU (coordinating negotiations with all the pre-accession countries in the area of financial control).

After the successful conclusion of the accession negotiations, Ms Karepova returned to Austria and was closely involved in research funding and in research, technology and innovation policy. Ms Karepova worked first at the Austrian Research Promotion Foundation (FFF – Forschungsförderungsfond) as a commercial project expert, then at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG – Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft) in the specialist team ‘Strategy’ (developing new promotion programmes such as the innovation voucher, evaluations of promotional measures, internationalisation, etc.).

From 2011 to 2015, Ms Karepova worked in the cabinet of the Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology and was responsible for the agendas relating to research, technology, intellectual property, industry and economics, as well as for the Patent Office.

Since 2015, Ms Karepova has been the Vice Chairman of the Association ‘Industry 4.0 Austria – The Platform for Smart Production’.

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