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Record High Number of Austrian Patent Applications in Europe

Federal Minister Gewessler and Patent Office President Karepova enthuse over a new Austrian record regarding European patent applications.

In the year 2019 Austrian companies and researchers applied for 2.341 patents with the European Patent Office which is more than ever before. This number of applications last year marks a 2.6% increase in comparison to the foregoing year 2018 and includes many eco technologies. Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Leonore Gewessler and the President of the Austrian Patent Office, Mariana Karepova, proudly announced this positive development.

Last year the company Borealis took the lead in filing European patent applications with 179 applications followed by Tridonic with 77 and AMS with 65. Patent Office President Karepova has this to say: “I congratulate ranking leader Borealis on its innovative strength and I’m very pleased to add that not just the companies leading in this ranking have contributed to last year’s result but that once again more companies in general apply for European patents. It is our declared goal that SMEs too seek to protect their innovations internationally. One of the ways we do this is to provide the Patent Check. Whereas the Austrian Patent Office examines a technology in order to determine whether it constitutes a patentable invention or not the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) supports national and international patent applications financially. Together we thus also smooth the path for small and nascent companies seeking a European patent.”

The year 2019 once again witnessed the highest number of European applications coming from Vienna followed by Upper Austria and Styria. Carinthia, showing a 74.4% increase, boasted the strongest growth in this field.

Domestic companies apply for patents first of all in the field of energy followed in number by applications in the domain electrical machinery and appliances. Strong growth was noticeable in the technology fields transport and other special machinery, the latter comprising amongst others additive manufacturing, with a plus of 33.8% and 32.6%, respectively.  

The Patent Voucher constitutes the perfect introduction to innovation protection! The Patent Voucher covers 80% of the costs (up to a maximum of EUR 10.000) accruing when filing a patent application. The Austrian Patent Office’s experts accompany firms throughout the important stages of their pursuit to obtain national and international patents.

On April 29 of this year Federal Minister Gewessler and President of the Austrian Patent Office Mariana Karepova will give notice of Austrian patent application developments in Austria, the United States, China and the rest of the world.


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