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Fast, Faster, Patent Highway: the Patent Agreement with Brazil

Processing of Austrian Technologie Companies' Aplications to be Sped Up

There are quite a number of reasons why domestic technology companies need patents on their export markets faster than has hitherto been the case. Following the signing of a PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway) Agreement by presidents Mariana Karepova and Claudio Furtado this is possible in Brazil where Austrian companies are now able to obtain Brazilian patents quicker and in a less roundabout way by means of the Patent Highway. In order to noticeably shorten the path to Brazilian patents the Brazilian Patent Office (INPI) is now taking into account the Austrian Patent Office’s examination results in its own examination proceedings thus accelerating processing of Austrian patent applications in Brazil.

The PPH Agreement by the way is in place with 26 other countries worldwide in order to speed up processing of the ever increasing number of international patent applications.

Exports to Brazil worth approximately 1 Million Euros

Austria looks upon Brazil as a potent trade and business partner. Annually services and products worth 1 million Euros are exported to Brazil by 1.000 domestic companies. More than 200 of these companies have a local place of business in Brazil. Brazil is not only far and away Austria’s largest export market in South America but also one of Austria’s most important overseas markets in general.

This is how PPH works

Applicants applying in Brazil can make use of the PPH program and thus expedite examination. A prerequisite of this is the Austrian Patent Office’s assessment that the submitted patent claims are actually susceptible of a grant. The acceptance of this groundwork on the part of the Brazilian Patent Office (INPI) provides said office with a head start in dealing with Austrian patent applications. Our customers stand to profit considerably from this arrangement, both as regards the quality of the patent application examination itself and the overall speed and efficiency of application processing.  

Should you have any questions concerning the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) please do not hesitate to contact our expert Hannes Raumauf, MSc: hannes.raumauf(at)patentamt.at or Phone:+43 1 53424 - 342


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