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Patent Cocktail: Into Space for a Better Earth

Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler and Patent Office President Mariana Karepova invited to the Space Talk at the Böglerhof in Alpbach.

How space helps to solve earthly problems was the topic of the Patent Cocktail of the Forum Alpbach. For example: illegal tree felling. The start-up Beetle For Tech wants to put an end to this with its invention. Marking trees, counting them, detecting criminal felling - all this with a view from high above.

Leonore Gewessler: "The founders Anh Nguyen and Sebastian Vogler show that while space technology is absolutely high-tech, it's nothing out of the ordinary. As Minister for Climate Protection, I am particularly pleased that among the multiple and diverse applications of space technology, environmental protection plays a major role."

Mariana Karepova: "Mouldable foam for helmets and mattresses was originally intended for astronaut seats, and hardly anyone knows that cordless screwdrivers come from space research. Ingenious inventions that are extremely useful not only in space but also here on Earth. Examining such patents is a joy."

Sebastian Vogler, CEO of the startup: "With a new data-driven solution, a specially developed IoT-based marking device and with the help of satellites, we want to make the path of wood traceable."

Gathering of the tech community

The Patent Cocktail is organised by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection and the Austrian Patent Office and is the kick-off of the Alpbach Technology Talks. This is where the tech community meets and the event is a reminder to take care of your intellectual property. This year's participants included: Manfred Sust (Managing Director beyond gravity),Stefan Thurner (Head of Complexity Science Hub Vienna), Henriette Spyra (Section Head Climate Protection Ministry),Jürgen Czernohorszky (City Councillor Climate), Siegfried Reich (Managing Director Salzburg Research), Harald Kainz (Rector TU Graz), Horst Bischof (Vice Rector TU Graz), Maximilian Schachinger (Schachinger Logistik Holding), Theresa Philippi (FH Technikum Wien), Eva Schiessl-Foggensteiner (FH BFI Wien), Gerhard Hirczi (Vienna Business Agency), Iris Fischl-Ruhland (RTI), George Wallner (Post Business Solutions) Anton Plimon (Managing Director AIT), Klaus Pseiner (Managing Director FFG), Edeltraud Stiftinger (Managing Director aws), Bernhard Sagmeister (aws) and Michael Binder (FFG).

At the Patent Cocktail 2022, the cocktail Stardust was served.


½ part crème de cassis
1 part tea
3 parts sparkling wine
Lemon peel for garnish


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