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Pioneers Welcome!

Pioneers’ Festival 2017: Federal Chancellor Kern, the Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy, Mahrer and the Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Leichtfried meet Albert Patent Bot. The digital advisor has already been used by 250 start-ups.

The Pioneers’ Festival is the scene of action for start-ups no longer in their nascent phase. Anyone that bags an award here assuredly receives a boost for the next round in the search for investors as well as a champagne shower. Stromkind (http://stromkind.at), the producer of the unmanned marine vehicle KAT 300, was quite obviously enjoying it! Small wonder, considering he could revel in the fact of receiving two awards: the prize of the Pioneers 500 Challenge and the Best Austrian Start-up Award.


During the award ceremonies, lectures and pitch sessions 2.500 innovative doers bustled up and down the aisles of the Vienna Hofburg, all their actions pivoting on the invaluable asset intellectual property.


This was precisely the right kind of venue for the Austrian Patent Office to advise high-fliers and present its new digital staff member, Albert Patent Bot. “Many don’t do it, don’t have the time,” the Patent Office’s President, Mariana Karepova informed the Austrian Press Agency. “This is why we’re here making it easier for start-ups to obtain patent and trademark protection.”


Consistent with this the experts of the Austrian Patent Office had plenty on their hands. Start-ups seeking expertise incessantly lined up for interviews. Albert Patent Bot likewise dealt with no less than 250 users within two days and checked the uniqueness of their brands.

Federal Chancellor Kern and the two federal ministers, Leichtfried and Mahrer were duly enthusing over the little digital guy. All three personally introduced themselves to the chat bot and received cogent evidence of his abilities.

Subsequent to the Pioneers’ Festival Albert Patent Bot and the Patent Office’s team of experts are at the disposal of innovative hotshots at upcoming events (http//www.patentamt.at/alle-veranstaltungen), the customer service center of the Patent Office or through a chat with Albert (http//m.me/patentbot).


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