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Forum Alpbach

The European Forum Alpbach is an interdisciplinary plattform for science, politics, economy and culture. In the calendar of the Austrian Patent Office it is a fixed term.

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We care about young talents

The Austrian Patent Office is in Alpbach also for the young talents. We are supporting them during the innovation marathon with research in their technological field.

Alpbach 2022

More than a Liquid Lunch

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Alpbach 2021

Greener streaming comes from Austria - inspiring technology talk at the Patente Cocktail

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Alpbach 2020

Dream interpretation at the virtual patent cocktail - an expert talk about patents and dreams

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Alpbach 2019

Patent Office surprised with cocktails and music created by an artificial intelligence (AI).

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Alpbach 2018

Perpetuum Mobile and Reality Check for the participants in the Innovation Marathon

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Alpbach 2017

Once again, we are at the Alpbach Technology Forum to provide our assistance to young talents.

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Alpbach 2016

Patent Scan at the Innovation Marathon

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