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Patents and utility models protect your invention. A research and / or an expert opinion will give you an insight into patentability.

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Protection & Service

There are several ways to protect an invention.

Patent national

Protects your invention. You alone may manufacture, distribute or use it in Austria. Others are excluded.

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Utility models

Protect your invention in Austria just like a patent. You need the same application documents, but the procedure, the term of protection and the costs, etc. are different.

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PRIO-application - Provisional patent application

Just applicate your invention, secure your application date and care about your invention up to 12 months later.

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Supplementary Protection Certificates

Your patent in the field of pharmacy and / or plant protection will be extended to expire.

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Semiconductor protection is understood as the protection of the three-dimensional structures of microelectronic semiconductors. To put it more simply, it refers to the protection of the internal structure of a microchip.

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International patents

If the Austrian Market is too small for your inventvion, you have to go beyond the borders.

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Do you have intellectual property in your company? We would like to draw your attention! What kind of protection would be appropriate? We inform you!

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Patent Voucher

If you don't have enough funds to patent your invention then a promotion via the FFG is right for you.

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Patent Scan

Are you a student, just starting your final project (your master’s or diploma project or dissertation)? “Pimp your project” with information from over 100 million (!) patent documents, and create something unique.

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Invention disclosure searches

Employees make inventions, which may be used by the employer. We can help with the next steps.

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Searches and expert opinions (Section 57a of the Austrian Patent Act)

You need a search or an expert opinion for an invention, a process, an object, etc.? Or maybe both?

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Manage patents

Your rights

As the inventor or holder of a patent or utility model, you have both rights and obligations.

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Um ein Patent, Gebrauchsmuster, Schutzzertifikat aufrecht zu erhalten müssen Jahresgebühren entrichtet werden.

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Die amtlichen Publikationen wie Patent- und Gebrauchsmusterblatt erscheinen jeweils am 15. des Monats.

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Patent Register Online


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Priority documents and certificates


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