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What is a EU Trademark?

A European Union Trademark (EUTM; EU Trademark) protects your trademark throughout the European Union. 

Advantages of a EU Trademark

  • A single registration
  • Application in a single language
  • Protection in all current and future member states of the European Union


For the registration of a EU Trademark, payments must be made at EUIPO:

Application online:

  • € 850 for one class of goods and service
  • € 50   for the second class of goods and services
  • € 150 for thre or more classes for each class

Applications using the paper form:

  • € 1000 for one class of goods and services
  • ab der zweiten Klasse wie bei e-filing.

With the fee calculator for EU Trademarks you can calculate your individual fees yourself. 

After registration the EU Trademark is valid for ten years. After that it can be renewed as often as desired for ten years at a time. Information on managing your EU Trademark.


The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is responsible for the application and administration of a EU Trademark. 

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