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Alpbach 2019

Patent Office surprised with cocktails and music created by an artificial intelligence (AI).

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PATENTS COCKTAIL: a high for artificial intelligence

An extraordinary cocktail and its own soundtrack - developed on the basis of the individual wishes of the guests of our Patent Cocktail - were created this year by an artificial intelligence (AI).

Alpbach Patents Cocktail Competition

At the Patent Cocktail we asked the participants: What will artificial intelligence never be able to do?

Among the correct answers, the two most original ones won.

Most of the participants agreed: "AI can't show emotions like love". The answer that it "cannot feel emotions" also came up frequently. The winners were:

"AI will never be able to show empathy" - the answer could also have come from our juror Prof. Hochreiter and

"AI will never replace me".

Congratulations to both winners. The prizes are two books each on the topic of artificial intelligence.

The recipe of the AI cocktail to make yourself

35 ml Chase Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin

25 ml cranberry juice

12.5 ml melted lemon sorbet

5 dashes orange bitters

20 ml Rosemary Thyme Syrup (2:1)

12.5 ml lychee liqueur

Innovation marathon: 24 hours and numerous ideas

For one day and one night, students at the Alpbach Congress Centre develop concepts to solve problems that eight top Austrian companies bring with them from their everyday lives. And the Patent Office is actively supporting them. 

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